About Us

Founder and Camp Director, Jake Drake:

As a long-time real estate agent covering the hills and dales of Humboldt County, company founder, Jake Drake, knew exactly what drew people to this stunning part of the California coastline. In fact, she not only knew, she could get you there!

She could tell you the history of the area, recommend the most interesting markets, share information on the best hikes and picnic areas, and guide you to the best vantage points from which to take in the view. And once she’d gotten you everywhere you wanted to go, she’d introduce you to places you’d never even heard of but would soon never forget!

Given her love and deep knowledge of the area, a place she’s lived, worked, and raised a family, it was not a stretch when she came up with the idea of a touring company that would offer a creative, fun, and personal way to explore Humboldt. Combining the skill set developed over her many years as a real estate agent with her passion for actively connecting to and educating visitors (and locals!) to the wondrous and eclectic features of this unique part of the country, she launched Happy Camper Redwood Tours in early 2016.

With her charming shuttle van, her indefatigable enthusiasm, and her ability to turn strangers into instant friends, there is no one better to make your visit to Humboldt County and surrounds a truly magical event.